East Alligator River, Western Arnhem Land. Photo: Nicholas Hall
East Alligator River, Western Arnhem Land. Photo: Nicholas Hall 

Stepwise travel

Stepwise travel is a service that represents Indigenous and sustainable tourism projects that have been or are associated with Stepwise Heritage and Tourism.

Stepwise travel intends to raise awareness of new innovative tourism projects, and most importantly to attract clients who can provide a real customer experience to newly emerging Indigenous tourism products. We will provide the opportunity for adventurous travelers seeking very genuine cultural experiences to have the experience of a lifetime, and to contribute to community development through their efforts.

Stepwise travel is built around an ethos of responsible travel, represented by the concept of ‘two-way travel’. That is, travel where there is a strong element of reciprocity between hosts and visitors. These travel opportunities are learning experiences for all and can include:

Stepwise travel does not act as a travel agent, but has relationships with travel agents who can make necessary travel arrangements for our clients.

Travel opportunities associated with Stepwise travel include:

Please contact us if you are interested in visiting Indigenous communities to directly assist Indigenous economic development.