Purnululu National Park and World Heritage Area. Photo: Nicholas Hall
Purnululu National Park and World Heritage Area. Photo: Nicholas Hall 

Planning and facilitation

Stepwise Heritage and Tourism can provide highly skilled facilitators for meetings, workshops and projects in land management, heritage management and Indigenous economic development. If necessary, we can appropriately introduce content knowledge and integrate planning and facilitation work as projects require.

Our facilitators are highly experienced in small and large group facilitation and participatory groupwork processes. Stepwise facilitators pride themselves in the quality of their own professional facilitation practice. Everyone involved in Stepwise is personally committed to a set of principles and ethics.

Stepwise facilitators can be contracted to assist with event planning, programming, small and large group planning/facilitation and event reporting.

The standard services offered by Stepwise include the following components:

  1. Event planning and preparation
  2. Process and content facilitation of the actual event to objectives determined by the client.
  3. Evaluation of the event from participant feedback and against objectives defined by the client
  4. Production of a facilitators report including event details, evaluation and facilitator observations
  5. Optional component of collation of participant generated content

For larger group sizes (more than 25 people) Stepwise strongly recommends two facilitators are used to maximize the success of the event.

Activities that Stepwise Heritage and Tourism associates have facilitated include: