Purnululu National Park and World Heritage Area. Photo: Nicholas Hall
Purnululu National Park and World Heritage Area. Photo: Nicholas Hall 

Professional practice training

Stepwise Heritage and Tourism conducts professional development programs customised to the needs of particular agencies and projects in natural and cultural heritage management, land management and in Indigenous tourism development.

Stepwise is committed to building a higher standard of professional practice in the use of participatory processes in its areas of expertise. We run specific programs to train people as facilitators to use our key planning tools and we work to build and maintain a community of practitioners that are well trained and highly committed to a set of ethical practices in project facilitation.

Training, education and professional development programs

Stepwise Heritage and Tourism can conduct a range of other training programs for staff of government agencies, Indigenous organizations and undergraduate and postgraduate students in heritage management, land management, sustainable tourism and Indigenous tourism development.

Our experience in training covers planning and delivering programs and includes:

Stepwise Heritage and Tourism is excellently placed to develop professional development programs highly targeted to the needs of particular organisations and agency programs. Through our relationship with many Indigenous communities, we are able to offer unique field-based education and training opportunities as well as ensure that any training program contains up-to-date and informative case study material.


Training of facilitators

Stepwise Heritage and Tourism undertakes professional practice training for people committed to maximising the effectiveness of group work in heritage, land management and sustainable tourism. We specialise in training people to work in cross cultural settings with Indigenous people.

Facilitator training is available for people wanting to work with the key Stepwise Heritage and Tourism planning tools. This training requires prior experience in facilitation or group leadership or substantial experience of direct relevance to the particular planning tool.

The training of facilitators in participatory planning and key planning tools will initially focus on the training of facilitators for Stepping Stones for Tourism, but will extend to the other planning tools as needs and opportunities permit.

PDF Becoming a Stepping Stones for Tourism Facilitator (PDF 138KB)